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We’d like to introduce you to the creator of this comprehensive platform for clinical audit training 

About Us

"I teach doctors how to perform clinical audits, so they can advance their career."

Dr. Asma” (Asma Abdalgafar MohamedSharif) is the creator of the 4C for clinical audit training platform - the most comprehensive, step-by-step clinical audit training in the world. She has been teaching clinical auditing to healthcare providers since 2016 at the Altababa Advance Training Center. She advocates for clinical auditing through organizing an annual clinical audit week, clinical audit advocacy day, designing clinical audit courses as well as training and coaching lots of doctors in their audit projects. Her experience in medical education, quality improvement, and research methodology all come together in this comprehensive training platform.

4C Clinical Audit provides 4 services:

1. Clinical Audit Courses

2. Clinical Audit Coaching 

3. Clinical Audit Consultation

4. Clinical Audit Club

Asma's CV

Some of our activities in the last years 

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