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Clinical Audit Coaching


I am available for one-to-one coaching for doctors from around the world, to help them to finish their clinical audit project.

What is the unique about this coaching?

1. Individualized, one-on-one coaching based upon your specific needs for the purpose of giving you the best opportunity to finish your audit project within a timeline.

2. Support with the specific resources and avenues of resources you need for your unique project.

3. Ongoing instruction, inspiration, and support from proposal to data collection, to application, and to final presentation.

Who should join this coaching ?

  1. Someone needing support in developing an audit project, who has proposed a topic or not.

  2. Those who need to get unstuck: i.e. if you've found that you are not making progress in finishing your first audit for months or years.

Coaching Topics

Topic 1:

  • Audit planning and topic selection

Topic 2:

  • Set standard and criteria

Topic 3:

  • Data collection tool development

Topic 4:

  • Data analysis

Topic 5:

  • Data presentation plan

Topic 6:

  • Implementation plan

Topic 7:

  • Re-audit

Topic 8:

  • Paper, poster, or report writing

Each topic will require 1 – 2 coaching sessions, this is an individualized estimate which is totally based on your previous background.

Important facts about our coaching program

This program does not suit the fast-results seeker - instead, here we work with people who are willing to put in significant amounts of hard work over a sustained period of time. The coaching program shows you your ability to restructure your process and create work of the highest quality, to the highest standard.

This program does not offer "editing" services of any kind, I will make recommendations based on your draft or what you tell me, but I won't write anything on your behalf.

Select the bundle that suits your needs. Note that the silver bundle is consultation, not coaching. I would recommend to you this bundle if you already have pre-specified needs that you know can be filled in two sessions.

What is the coaching plan?

As someone who signs up for this coaching, you will immediately receive a coaching schedule of the available times for coaching and based on your availability, you choose the times for all your upcoming sessions. According to the program you have selected, you will have a 1-hour, one-to-one coaching session via zoom. Homework or drafts for the discussion should be sent 72 hours before the coaching session.

Estimated Effort

In addition to the one-to-one coaching sessions, with each session up to 1-hours, you will need to work on the project for 2.5 to 3 hours per topic, with an estimated 30 hours to finish the project. Some sessions will require more effort on your part, and this be completely based on your background. We recommend that you make the effort to follow the proposed learning approach for each session to get the most out of this coaching experience!

Common question:

​I am a novice learner, do I need to attend a clinical audit course to join the coaching program?
The answer NO, you don’t need to attend a clinical audit course, but keep in mind that you might need more hours on your own.

Proposed Clinical Audit Schedule:

This is a suggested timeline to complete a clinical audit (the number of sessions needed has a range between 8-10 sessions)


How does it Cost?


Two consultation sessions, each session up to 1- hour, valid for one month ($150)

Group Coaching 

Ten consultation sessions, each session up to 1- hour, valid for four months. ($400/individual)

*Sign up as  group of 3-5 and get this special offer 

Light Coaching 

Five coaching sessions, each session up to 1- hour, valid for three months ($300)

Masterclass Coaching 

Ten coaching sessions, each session up to 1- hour, valid for four months ($500), installment payment is possible 

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